The Co-Active® Accessibility & Wholeness Project Report

Me ha llamado la atención el documento publicado desde El motivo es cómo una actividad experiencial incluye a personas con discapacidades que no les permiten atender los cursos de forma presencial.

El apartado 3 del informe apunta a la co-inclusión como un modelo válido y de máximo respeto mutuo:

»Evoke Mutual Inclusion

The third principle, evoke mutual inclusion, is the alchemy that is possible when we align with the first two principles in relationship to people who have a perceived disability or other unique challenge. We look beyond the needs of a specific individual or accommodation and explore how honoring these needs can enhance and elevate the learning and experience of all. To ensure that this alchemy is not momentary, this principle also suggests a practicalstep: the commitment to remain in discussion about our experience as the relationship grows.

In the Co-Active® model, the idea of a “designed alliance” provides the foundation formaking explicit a set of agreements, which can be adapted over time, about how bothparties will continue to address wholeness without diminishing the reality of the uniquechallenge the person with a disability faces.»

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