How many people die each day?

New perspectives for some problems gives another results. It works. Suddenly the issue isn’t thinking more deeply nor acquire more data, it’s enough to change the perspective, the angle of vision, the point of view to discover a new way to manage the situation.

I remember a session with a client who had told me one of her favorite animals was giraffes, I asked her: And how would a giraffe see the problem? She thought for a minute, closed her eyes and said: Well much smaller, and therefore easier to solve. That was a very special turning point, and it helped her find solutions she couldn’t access before.
In other sessions we used that perspective that my client had built for herself, with remarkable success.

In times so difficult for humanity, where the COVI-19 pandemic occupies all the available information space, I have found a perspective that helps me to visualize from another point of view that I will also name as a giraffe perspective. I share it here, without further analysis. For me it has been useful.

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